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No back links no money! Is there a connection? Nevertheless more importantly is Translink missing its chunk of the cake?

This URL gives you, free of charge, the opportunity to make a back link to your home page. Yahoo and other search systems frown on trading links between sites, however, links are still being traded from £0.1 - £50.00 depending on various factors. Eh! I said on the first occasion that I learned that links were being sold at these levels, but afterwards it dawned on me that it rightly makes sense. Believe it or not single clicks can attain bids of over £20 on several advertising programs. Most certainly this is nuttiness.? If it pays, why not, you just need courage to do it. Well worth Translink's energy then to acquire top quality and relevant links despite a cost connected with them.

So why are local links so significant in Belfast or anyplace else for that matter? New ideas in searching mean that when individuals search for businesses under 'Unassigned' the output can be sifted by Belfast, or perhaps by County Antrim, This means that Translink should appear at the top of the search results. These are your best possible clients so not being properly linked in could be expensive in terms of lost business for Translink especially as they are looking for Unassigned in your district.

Formerly, you could just optimise your web site to get high rankings in the search indexes. This lead to trouble because there was no substantiation of the quality of the content. Webmasters would lots of irrelevant keywords in their web pages just to get anybody onto their websites in the hope that someone searching for say 'Pamela Anderson' or 'Belfast, County Antrim' would want to buy their goods. Due consequently to this search system spamming, the quality of search indexes for users fell aggressively. Smart search companies created a system of validation via inward linking. A back link became a vote of quality from other sites. Finally common sense prevailed, web copy writers had to start to produce better value content in order to compete. All this means that now your site must have rearward links if you want to do well in the search engine indexes. No rankings leads to no site consultations which in turn returns no income.

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