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Who cares about link building anyway? So what benefit is it to Translink

From this web page you can create an inbound link completely free of cost for Translink's web presence. Merchandising links often frowned on by major search engines is becoming the trend; links are now sold for about £0.1 - £50.00. On the first occasion I heard links are sold on the Web for up to £50, I was shocked, but is it that strange? I have seen prices for exclusive clicks that have outdone £20 on many PPC (Pay Per Click) platforms. This most certainly is barmy right.? Not if you were making a fortune on each click. Translink ought to therefore think about outlaying the endeavour then to detect high quality and relevant links even if there is a price tag associated with them.

So why are local links so important in Belfast or anywhere else for that matter? Recent concepts in searching mean that when people search for products or services under 'Unassigned' the output can be sifted by Belfast, or perhaps by County Antrim, This ought to result in Translink appearing high up in the search results. You don't want to lose out on clients who are searching for Unassigned

When I first began doing web pages, the status of the pages in the search engine results were organised chiefly by what was on the pages. This lead to difficulties because there was no check of the quality of the content. Writers of page content would place anything into their articles just to get site web guests even if the articles didn't represent the search results. This was a bad situation because this lead to poor calibre search information being returned. The effect of this was that search engine developers started to afford prize to links that showed the way to top relevance articles. Today this is common, all serious search programs use a spontaneous anchor voting system to influence the quality and relevance of web articles. Now search systems are swift and effective. What does this mean for you? It means that you need to have backward anchors to your site, if you want it to appear in the search system results.

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